Posted May 14, 2012, 2:24 p.m.
• YachtFile delivery trip report • • Next delivery • Superyacht Soiree Antigua The delivery list for the Spring YachtFile and Yachting Matters magazine is available please contact if you would like to see a copy. In all there are 1920 yacht names featured. There are still 22 packs in Barcelona awaiting delivery. Packs were also placed on yachts with no name visible and given to captains requesting an extra pack for the owner or a colleague. Each of the yachts hand delivered a pack were also given a minimum of two magazines, one Yachting Matters and the other The Yacht Owner, sealed in plastic for the owners. In a few instances I came across large yachts that had been mailed a pack, I gave them an extra pack to ensure that they had one onboard. The trip was a great success. In all I travelled just over 6000 miles by car and possibly another 1500 miles by ferry. I also attended to shows on the way, Antibes, which was very good this year despite the rain and approx. 800 yachting Matters magazines were distributed to visitors to the show. Also the MYBA - Genoa Charter Yacht Show had a great turnout of yachts, but again the weather was not that good. We also mailed out approx. 2000 magazines and also shipped magazines to companies around the world that will be issuing Yachting Matters with shipments to Superyachts in build and cruising worldwide and we also left magazines with the PYA for distribution. Despite the financial turmoil that is gripping the Mediterranean at the moment the yachting industry appears to be doing well. The shipyards were all reasonably full with certain yards holding more yachts than I have seen over previous years. I also visited several new marinas that have recently opened and noticed space in others where they would normally be full. The shortage of marinas experienced four or five years ago has been addressed and even though it would be tough to find space along the coast of France there is ample dockage now in Greece, Italy, and Spain. Even France is looking to increase dock space with an intriguing development of the port of Antibes ( Lets hope they keep the cruise liners out. Antibes has evolved as a unique yachting port, let’s not have it turned into a goldfish bowl with tourists over-running it, that would destroy it. I was also privileged to be shown several new projects that will soon have work begun on them. The industry is attracting investors who still see good reason to back new projects. Thank you to all of you that have joined Last month we had 7238 unique visitors to the different sites which I personally believe is very good. We are now developing and, these will be individual sites, each with a specific purpose. We will also soon be adding, a site where new projects can find willing investors, a need that I found existed from both sides during my latest journey. Thank you as always for supporting YachtFile & Yachting Matters. We are now taking bookings for the Summer 2012 YachtFile, The Monaco Show YachtFile and edition 23 of Yachting Matters. The new magazine will be delivered around the Mediterranean etc in August and also be distributed at the Monaco Yacht Show, Fort Lauderdale, Voiles De St Tropez, Antigua Charter Show and various other Superyacht events. The Superyacht Soiree in Antigua is to take place again in December 2012. Any money raised from this event will again go to the Cobbs Cross School. It was proposed at a meeting in Genoa that a foundation be launched for the school itself which will enable a great many USA Companies to donate to the fund. Kindest regards, Colin
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