Posted June 1, 2012, 3:26 p.m.
YachtFile is the proven and guaranteed way of Delivering Brochures, DVDs,Newsletters and Books Getting your latest brochures, CDs or newsletters into the hands of yacht captains, owners and crew has never been easy. Each Superyacht is, in effect, a fl oating business with a large budget but unlike say hotels they are constantly on the move, changing ownership, crew and address. We succeed in delivering your promotional material to literally thousands of these vessels, wherever we can find them. We also use our exclusive mailing list of Captains and Yachts to mail out a small proportion of the packs to vessels that we do not feel we will find during our hand delivery. YachtFile is the only proven, guaranteed, on-board marketing option available to you today. When we say on-board we mean on-board, not on the dock, not in the marina office, the list of yachts given to our clients at the end of a delivery have had a YachtFile pack with our clients information included, placed on-board. A YachtFile pack is also very distinctive and crafted from heavy duty polythene overprinted with the logos of the companies featured. Many of our impressive list of clients have been trusting in YachtFile since 1994, they understand the importance of getting their information to the decision makers in the Superyacht industry. Promotional budgets have been heavily tested over the past few years, it is easy to advertise in the good times, when workloads are high and funds readily available, promoting a company when times are tough, when it is needed, is not always that simple. YachtFile offers you great value, we don’t waste your budget attempting to influence people that will never need, or be able to afford your services, we sow your seeds where the ground is fertile. YachtFile expertise has helped link the Superyacht Industry to professional Captains and Owners around the world for over 17 years and is very simple for you to be a part of. Often referred to as ‘The Boat Show In A Bag’ YachtFile has become an important source of information needed for the operation of a luxury yacht. The information contained in these Packs helps keep those on-board, in every department, up to date with the services that they need to have knowledge of. Once you have booked into a delivery all you will need to do is ship to us the required brochures and let us have your logo, as a Vector file, for printing on the YachtFile polypack. We do the running about. If you book into more than one delivery we are happy for you to send us the combined total of brochures and we will hold them in store. Also worth remembering is that when printing your new brochure for a show, planning ahead for a YachtFile delivery makes the printing of extra brochures inexpensive. We can print your brochures near to our office if you wish, at our high quality local printers, they also print our Yachting Matters magazine, this could help you save on print costs, shipment costs and time. At the end of a delivery we send our clients a list of the yachts that have received their promotional material. If you wish to get your message to a special member of the crew we can advise you on how to do this. We Carbon offset the delivery trips we undertake and we recommend that all paper used today in brochure printing comes from proven renewable resources. The Monaco Yacht Show YachtFile Pack is special. We are the ONLY company allowed by the organisers of this extra special show to distribute brochures in this way at their venue. We have racks situated strategically around the show area to display these packs and our Yachting Matters magazine for personal selection by visitors. We believe in personal selection, when people take one of our magazines or YachtFile packs it is because they want them, they take them home. We also deliver approximately 600 of the 1500 packs to professionally run yachts from Marseilles to Genoa before the show begins offering our clients a great opportunity to get an invite to Captains and Crew, to visit their stands or a presentation.
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